Crowdsourcing a Conference Talk

I want to try an experiment. I'm going to crowdsource my next conference talk.

I've told my students innumerable over the years that a curious mind, and having successful strategies for learning are their most useful skills in their careers as software developers. The instruction team at Nashville Software School spends a significant portion of time during a cohort helping students come up with those successful strategies.

Time to eat my own dog food.

Anyone in the community can chime in and tell me what they would like me to teach them, or talk about at Music City Tech. Please try to keep it relevent, and something that you think your peers would also be interested in.

I will favor topics that I don't know anything about, or very little about. During my presentation, I will discuss my learning process that led up to presenting at the conference.

Sound cool?

Let the crowdsourcing begin!

Please submit the Crowdsourcing Form to submit your idea.