Topics of Discussion for Community Members

This is a quick post that middle Tennessee software developer community members can use if they are interested in coming in to Nashville Software School to speak with students.

  1. How I became a developer, and the important lessons I learned on that journey.
  2. What to expect in your first job.
  3. This is how I find ways to connect with other people in the community and grow my network.
  4. These non-technical skills help me every day because technical wizardry only gets you so far.
  5. This is how I grow my skills when I'm interested in learning something new.
  6. These are some important meta-topics that are important to me (ethics, software quality, equality, diversity, how the internet works, REST, etc).
  7. I've worked on (or currently working on) a great team. This is what makes it great.
  8. Here's some basic software algorithms that I've used over the years. This is why I used them.
  9. How we are using technology to change the industry that we are serving.