The Thinking Caps Lock


Discovering Connections

Thinking of starting my own podcast about the intersection of cognitive science and software development. Working title is The Thinking Caps Lock. Inspired by my own efforts, and results, of applying cognitive research, and educational psychology, into how I teach at NSS. Possible topics include…

  1. Learning how to learn effectively
  2. Teaching software development
  3. Artificial intelligence
  4. Neural networks
  5. Battling mental burnout
  6. Effective mentoring
  7. Competition vs teamwork in the bootcamp classroom
  8. The search for the right balance of ABC (always be coding) and time spent thinking/reflecting
  9. The effect of capricious deadlines on developers
  10. Cognitive biases in the software industry
  11. The journey from Unconscious Incompetance > Unconscious Competance
  12. How to accept constructive criticism in a code review
  13. How to manage a team with minimal, to no, bias