Software Craftsmanship Conference

I've got this crazy idea for a software conference.

At this conference, no hard technical talks will be accepted. Knowing every esoteric detail of software tools and libraries does not raise your value.

At this conference, the entire product, and customers, would be the focus.

At this conference, product managers, product designers, and product developers would need to work in tandem to present talks about how they use software to help people, and make money doing it.

At this conference, sessions and workshops would be about effective communication skills, and how to build productive partnerships. Key skills that actually make software developers more effective, and more valuable.

At this conference, ignorant, hateful, and intolerant speech/actions would be an opportunity for education and awareness - not banishment and exile.

At this conference, there would be speakers who talk about software education - for children, and for adults looking to change careers.

At this conference, there would be respected software managers giving practical advice and training to developers who are considering leadership.

Basically, I want a conference that focuses on making software developers better at their job.

Of course, we need to reverse the inertia behind the thought that the job of a software developer is to write code. Writing code is simply a means to an end. The job of a software developer is to help people by designing systems that provide value, and make money while doing so.

This is a conference that truly provides benefit to its attendees.

Would you be interested in attending this conference?

Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

The Software Craftsmanship Manifesto states 4 different principles, but my favorite, and the whole point of a conference like this is the following.

"Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value"