My trip to Dairy Queen today

Provided without extra narrative for your enjoyment.

Her: Welcome to Dairy Queen!

Me: Hello. I'd like a small twist cone, a small dipped cone and two medium twist cones.

Her: [long pause] Ok, I have two medium cones and a small dipped cone.

Me: No, two small cones one dipped and one twist.

Her: Ok, so two small dipped cones.

Me: No... one... dipped... and... one... twist. Also the two medium ones.

Her: [pause] [laugh] I'm sorry I had to switch registers. [pause] So that's two medium cones and one small dipped cone, right?

Me: The two medium cones are twist. Chocolate and vanilla twist.

Her: And a small dipped cone. Or was there two?

Me: One dipped and one twist. Vanilla and chocolate twist.

Her: Ooooohhh, one is twist!

Me: That's right. So what do we have so far?

Her: One small dipped cone and one small twist cone and two medium cones.

Me: Yes, two medium twist cones.

Her: Wait, so you don't want the small twist cones?

Me: [large inward sigh] I want 4 cones overall.

Her: Oh, ok, two medium cones and the two small cones.

Me: Yes, the two small and two medium twist cones. Vanilla and chocolate twist cones.

Her: [giggle] Ok, that will be $9.18

My wife: Ok that was painful.

Me: [pulls up to window]

Her: [tries to hand me two medium chocolate cones]

Me: The medium ones were supposed to be twist.

Her: [goes around the corner to change the order while shaking her head in disgust]

Me: [stares blankly at her]

Her: [hands me correct cones] Have a good day.

Me: You, too. [drives away]