Be the architect of a Lonely Planet

If you asked a stranger to tell you about the most interesting thing that's ever happened to them, what do you think that story would be about?

Chances are it would start like this, "About 10 years ago, I travelled to...".

Visiting exotic and interesting locations, getting to know different cultures, talking to quirky and dynamic people, and seeing beautiful vistas and buildings are what make up the interesting parts of life.

We love travelling at Lonely Planet. We love helping everyone travel. We want to be your companion while you travel. Most everyone who has traveled in the past 40 years did so with a Lonely Planet guidebook in their backpack or suitcase.

Well, now we're making sure that we're on your phone, tablet, or watch as well. We know that more people want our amazing travel content available on the device that they carry everywhere - whether it's for inspiration, planning or companionship.

All of our digital properties, whether it's the destination guides on our site, our mobile apps, our travel inspiration guide, or our vibrant community forums, need to deliver two things to our customers:

  1. A lightning-fast experience, regardless of device or connection speed.
  2. An engaging experience that helps people find out where they want to travel, and what kind of traveller they want to be.

We're constantly striving to strike the right balance between technological enhancement and a wonderful user experience. Too much of one comes at the cost of the other, and both are equally important. Knowing how to strike that balance is a valuable and needed skill.

If you have that skill, then we need to talk.

We're currently hiring a Front End Technical Lead who will tackle this challenge. If you have a passion for investigating new technologies and applying them in a practical manner to improve experiences, or taking existing technologies and squeezing every ounce of performance out of them, then we need to talk.

Our organization is committed to being the #1 source of trusted travel content on the planet, and making sure that it is available to anyone who wants to travel. If you want to help shape how that happens, then check out the job posting and get in touch.

The job will be based in the Nashville, TN area, which was recently rated #3 in the list of next big boom towns. We have a thriving development community, a world class product accelerator program, and, of course, plenty of entertainment when you're looking for something to do.